Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tim's Pre-France Blog!

"And tonight will go on forever while we
Walk around this town like we own the streets
And stay awake through summer like we own the heat
Singing 'Everybody wake up! (Wake up!) It's time to get down!'"

-Brand New Soco Amaretto Lime


The countdown has officially begun! As of this post, in less than two weeks, I will board the plane that will officially mark the beginning of my excursion to France: the world-renown centerpiece of food, architecture, and beautiful scenery (but apparently not soccer). What perfect reasons to make every single second of every minute count while I'm overseas. Who knows if I'll ever have the chance to do this again?

The lowdown for this upcoming attraction is about a group of students traveling to a distant country for a month of learning not only a foreign language and their history but about what we ourselves are capable of when completely submersed in a foreign culture. We'll be completely and utterly enveloped in a language that some of us will have to work extra hard to understand quickly. It's going to be challenging, but I know we're all up for it. Speaking of challenges, I would like to send a special shout-out and thank Mr. Euro for its continued domination over the American Dollar. It's going to be a challenge just not to buy every other item I see on the streets within the first week!

As you all will be reading my words, I believe it's best to explain a bit about myself. I'm a Stony Brook junior/senior majoring in Psychology and Sociology. My overall goal in life is to research/teach neuroscience at a research university like Stony Brook. I'm traveling to France to begin my training in the French language and culture so that I'll accomplish some life goals of mine: to be multi-lingual and also to be as well rounded in life as possible. In my spare time I write and record music in my studio, play hockey and frisbee with friends, and enjoy taking photographs and throwing myself into situations that are way over my head.

So here's what I expect in France: a lot of hard work, a lot of laughs, and a lot of food. One of the things I'm most looking forward to will be the copious amount of cuisines I will devour on a daily basis. Not to mention, I would love to sample some of their exquisite wines and spend a few days visiting their beaches! July is going to be their hottest/driest month of their season, so I'll assume it'll also be the busiest month for their Mediterranean shore! I can't think of a better place to surround myself in their culture and observe some of their... fashion.

I recently went to a local Applebee's for some scrumptious half-priced appetizers and a few drinks with friends that have traveled through Europe and France. They recommended a few places to visit and some tips on surviving (pretty much, learn to speak French as quickly as possible if I want my life to be easy). One fact they stressed through the entire night (and something that even more people have placed emphasis on to make sure I realized where I'm going) was that the beauty of southern France is absolutely unparalleled!

A photographer's paradise!!!

I cannot stress enough how excited I am about going overseas! I'll do my best to entertain you all with my words of wisdom, opinions, pictures and stories! So stay tuned...



  1. Tim - have an ABSOLUTE great time!!! We wish you safe travel and lots of amazing new experiences. We'll be watching for all of your updates and photos as we virtually visit France through your eyes :)

    Aunt Jo and Uncle Bob

  2. Tim,

    I have been there several times. Paris,Nice, Eze and Monte Carlo. The food is great and the people..well they can be somewhat like New Yorkers..somewhat rude and distant at times. Speak the language when you can..When you eat out, you don't typically tip the server. Either way..Bon Jour!

  3. It's going to be challenging, but I know we're all up for it. Speaking of challenges, I would like to send a special shout-out and thank Mr. Euro for its continued domination over the American Dollar.